Painting theme: ‘Know thy self’, Artist: Sanjana Rathi

Thought behind this painting: As I navigate through life, I think that all knowledge I have assimilated is the truth. Then, I am pushed into the void, with nothing to do, nothing to focus on… and all that information suddenly makes no sense…However, I realise that all this while I was so externally focused, I forgot to understand who “I AM”! I suddenly realised that the greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.

Technology continues to drive both positive and concerning changes in our world and the need for even greater cyber-security is one of the concerns. In the LSE spirit of addressing major social problems of our time, in her latest post Sanjana Rathi clarifies some of the most common terms in the cyber-security world and presents basic ‘cyber-hygiene’ practices everyone should follow to protect their online world from cyber-attack.

Sanjana Rathi

I am a social entrepreneur, techie and artist. Passionate about cyber, innovation, strategy and diplomacy. This medium platform projects my ideas & zeal for lif

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